Thursday, September 25, 2014

Skin Care Routine

Recently I've been using a couple of Skin Food products day and night. They're the anti-wrinkle moisturzing face cream and it works beyond wonders because it's super hydrating and it leaves your skin feeling soft. The first one I purchased is the Black Rasberry Youngyang Cream it comes in a small glass container with 5.6 ounces of product. The cream is to prevent early antiaging such as fine lines and wrinkles. I really love this cream it has improved the smile lines around face by a lot. I don't have before and after pictures to prove it but over time you can see a dramatic difference. 

The smell of the product is like minty and fruity kind of weird-ish but hey to me it's about results and not about smell right.
Every morning and night take a small amount and spread it evenly over your face.

 The Next product I purchased is the Agave Cactus Cream (Hydrating) and yes it is also 5.6 ounces just like the previous one. There is also the Agave Cactus Cream (Whitening) but I chose the hydrating cream instead because my skin type gets dry easily and the winter is coming pretty soon. Although both products contains a whitening serum this product is also an anti-wrinkle.

The smell of this cream is very nice and elegant. 

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