Monday, April 21, 2014

Late Update

Lately I've been really wanting to try those cute korean girl fringe. Something like this.

Obviously it looks super cute on her because she's cute and stuff. But yeah here's mine. I tried very hard to get mine to look like so but I think it turned out to be a fail sort of.

awe boo. Oh well I tried at least right LOL. But yeah, I've retouched my hair but it looks the same UGH I'm very disappointed in my hair stylist this time I think I'm going to go to another place. 
I really wanted something like this.

Oh, well if it didn't come out the way I wanted it. I was thinking of going back to one solid color again but I don't want to regret it if I didn't give my ombre another shot for the third time. LOL 
Well yeah that's my latest update so far.
I totally forgot to post this picture this gorgeous doll name Taryn ^_^ made for me. It was featured in one of her online magazines. 

Her magazine blog is still under construction so next time I'll post her blog here. ^_^ have a good day.