Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Update on Gal Life

Sorry I haven't updated my blog for a long while. So, I today I was able to update on my blog due to laziness and tons of work. To start of the beginning of this updated post. I want to update my recent gyaru style ideas.

This dress is based on the Mori Girl Style. The dress size I originally purchased was a size small but when received it was a medium. It's okay though because when I tried it on the dress fit me perfectly. As for the hair style I chose was the cat ears because this dress is indeed very gal girly and I felt that the cat ears and curls would keep the entire look fairly feminine.


This next dress style is an inspired Old Vintage Lace up. This dress is fairly comfortable due to the double layers. The only negative thing about this dress is that it's a bit short and loose at the top but, can be fixed by wearing a high waist belt and a pair of black tights so your bottoms won't be peeking out at the bottom.

This Blue Floral Romper I purchased is also a Mori Gyaru Gal inspired product. The length of the romper is a bit short, that is the only down fall of this outfit. But, overall when worn the outfit is very DOLL like. Yes, doll like because of the ruffle layer detailing. Also, to keep this outfit girly I kept the cat ears and added a braided headband infront of the ears.