Friday, September 28, 2012


Hello, as you can see my title Tsubasa is at it again creating new Gorgeous Lashes. She created 3 New lashes numbers 15, 16, & 17. Also, she created new cover packages for her first 8 lashes and other products she produced. Down bellow are some of the newest creation if you have not seen them yet.

Pure Girl  
This style is for the Natural Droopy Eye.

Dolly Mix
This Style is for the BIG DOLLY EYE effect.

Diamond Dolly
Natural to emphasizing the pupil.
Okay those are the newest addition to her Dolly Wink collection. Now here are the photos of Tsubasa herself from the newer packaging of the older Dolly Wink lashes.
Dolly Sweet

Sweet Girly

Feminine Style
Real Nude

Pure Little

Her New Commercial 

here she is posing for the new products. ^^

That's the end of the new lash scoop. The lashes will be released in the FALL.

OOHhhh I can't wait. ^^

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