Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dolly Wink Lash Review

It's been a while since I ordered new lashes and boy oh boy my old ones are soo worn out. Well, there's a wedding in a week and I got to have new lashes for the occasion. Anyway, I placed an order last Sunday and these are the ones I bought.

And I received my Dolly Wink lashes no. 2 & 14 in 3 days.

They also sent me a card with a discount code and their main website.

Sorry that is my code. But, be sure to check out their shop.
I chose these two styles because I wanted a more natural bottom lash and a very dark dramatic top lash. Here's the look I created.

The site I bought my lashes are from actually from Ebay. Yeah, confusing right well the thing is the seller is promoting their online shop.

My Review: I love this shop because of their super fast shipping and the Dolly Wink lashes are better priced here than other online sites I've checked out.

Here's the link to directly to the seller.

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