Friday, August 10, 2012


Early Fall Season

Hey, well Summer is about to go bye bye soon and Fall is rushing quick. Here are some pre-fall fashion after I came back from shopping and of course other fashion I came across. 

So recently I put together an outfit for Fall and depending on what your kind of style is my style can be a bit girly or simple.   Here is the girly outfit I put together.

Here's my fall style. It's a bit humid right now so this may not be the best outfit I chose for Fall

Sweet Gyaru Doll Outift

Fur vest: Styles
Belt: Claire's 
Shoes: Guess
Necklace: Rue21
Bracelet: Claire's
This is without the fur vest.

My simple Fall outfit

Shirt: my boyfriend's button up. (not available in stores :P)
Shorts: Styles for Less
Shoes: Love n Light 
Simple button up shirt black shorts and wedges. 

Casual Doll Outfit
Blouse: F21
Shorts: Hollister
Shoes: Wet Seal 
Necklace: Claire's, Payless
Belt: Target
I recently went shopping a few days ago and bought a lot of cute clothes and a cool/pretty clutch.

So, here is my Cool-ass Clutch from SHI.

Here's an up close on the brass knuckle part of the clutch. This is what got my attention the diamonds & skulls. :D

 I'm still unable to put my outfits together due to busy schedules but, once I do I will most definetly update my blog.

Alright if I put more outfits together I will surely update my blog more and for now here are some other Fall fashion I came across.



Dal Shabet
They have such cute outfits. <3

Sexy but Cute

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