Sunday, September 18, 2016

Late Summer Fall Update

Yes, I know I've been too busy to update on my internet life and well this is what happened so far. I have gone through various of hair changes and yes I will post them here to let you viewers know what colors I have tried. For the ones who read my blog thank you I really appreciate you taking your time and reading my lame blog which I hardly update. But yeah, here you go. 
 On the top I have gone all grey as you can see. I failed at trying to achieve beach blonde hair so I decided to go see a hair stylist. What he did to my hair was a really long process it nearly took up to 10 hours just to develop this grey color but honestly it looked better in person lol the photo is a week to so after I had gone to the salon.
So here on the I wanted to try something new, something I've never thought I would do in my entire life of dying hair lol. I told my stylist to adventure with my hair and he took it to the next level and added purple peek-a-boo strands in my hair with a blue black base at the roots. Oh My Goodness I loved the results after a tiring 10 hour process. Every where I went people would compliment me. But, hey like I said this color looked better when I freshly had it done. This photo is of course a couple weeks after the process and yes all the blue faded as well as the purple. I got really lazy updating my hair life. So now I currently have this hair 
It looks grey still but that's because I have stopped dying my hair for more than 3 months so it's more of a sand beige blonde color. I had gone to a different hair stylist because my main stylist was done with hair in general. I was soo sad T_T. lol. So, at that point I had to go see a new stylist and she was amazing I waited 1 month for my hair appointment to go see her and this is the results she gave me. A sand beige blonde hair. I asked her to get rid of the faded colors from the previous colors and she delivered. She did not touch my natural roots she did a balayage on my roots where the harsh line of dye started. 

Here my hair looks more grey than usual because a few months later the blonde in my hair starts getting brassy. If you have blonde hair you guys know what I am talking about so GIRL or Guy make sure you keep up with that toning weekly. I know there are many different kind of toning out there. You can go continue going to the salon and get it done or you can simply do it at home where it really saves you more money. So here is what I use at home.
(I do not own this photo)
So, use this as your shower routine once or twice a week squeeze a palm size amount and rub into your hair and leave it in for 2-3 minutes. The longer the results the more grey or silver your hair will be but DO NOT use this product as an everyday shampoo and conditioner your hair will turn purple. Unless that's the color you are going for then you go girl. 

Here is today's photo session and the most recent updated photos of me. 

Yes I know my roots are very out grown and ugly. But, hey I haven't dyed my hair since the 1st of June okay and Today is September 18th. So yeah don't judge lol. Also, I have been losing a lot of hair lately. It's more than the normal average hair loss. I am losing almost a bundle of hair or it seems that way. I'm really freaked out because my hair is uneven. You're like probably saying WHUT but no literally if I part my hair in the middle one side is shorter than the other for sure. So, sadly I have to part my hair one side now LOL. But yes, I just recently purchased this Nature's Bounty gummy to help me make my hair stronger and grow faster. 
I do not own this photo
So, I've had it for a few days now and so far it's good. I'll keep you guys updated when I get to my second bottle. So Thank you guys for reading and keeping up with me on my silly blog. Don't forget to follow me and you guys are gorgeously amazing MUAH BYE

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Update on My New Hair and Circle Lens Review! Coming soon!

Sorry for the super super late update on my blog I've been so busy with life that I didn't have time to blog so much. So what happened  was I took photos of all my new skin care product but sadly my phone broke and it deleted all my pictures. So here's a few things I did the past few months and I hope that sums up what the months I've missed.

First up I bought new contact lenses! YAY I've been in need of the ones since my other lenses were expired. 
So these Lens I'm wearing in this photo is the Geo HoliCat Lens
The color of the lens are Hazel with the diameter of 14.5 
 I really like these lenses because they make your eyes pop but they're disposable after 1 month so that's a downer there. I purchased mine at ( 

Second, They were having a big sale at the time so while I purchased my Hazel Lens they gave me a free pair of contacts. YAY! I wasn't expecting it but yes I was super excited to see two boxes in my package and the other pair I got are the Super Pinky Lens ( yes, they are in the color blue. I haven't own a pair of blue lenses in ages so it was a little skeptical with the way the might turned out on me. So here is my very most recent photo of me wearing the new lenses.

The diameter of these lens are 14.8 and they are good for 1 year usage. So far I really like these lens they're comfortable and the color pay off is pretty nice the blue is vibrant. 

Lastly,  I promised I would talk about my "new hair" well I've been experimenting with it a lot by dying the blonde tips trying to get this Balayage going but unfortunately it is extremely difficult when you're dying your own hair. So yes I got rid of the red and now my hair is dark brown or black depending on the sun light with blonde tips. But yes I am still going to re-dye my hair until I am happy with my results. lol yes it's sloppy work but I'm still working on it. 

So that's about it for my update I apologize if it took a while but hopefully I'll be blogging more often. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Skin Care Routine

Recently I've been using a couple of Skin Food products day and night. They're the anti-wrinkle moisturzing face cream and it works beyond wonders because it's super hydrating and it leaves your skin feeling soft. The first one I purchased is the Black Rasberry Youngyang Cream it comes in a small glass container with 5.6 ounces of product. The cream is to prevent early antiaging such as fine lines and wrinkles. I really love this cream it has improved the smile lines around face by a lot. I don't have before and after pictures to prove it but over time you can see a dramatic difference. 

The smell of the product is like minty and fruity kind of weird-ish but hey to me it's about results and not about smell right.
Every morning and night take a small amount and spread it evenly over your face.

 The Next product I purchased is the Agave Cactus Cream (Hydrating) and yes it is also 5.6 ounces just like the previous one. There is also the Agave Cactus Cream (Whitening) but I chose the hydrating cream instead because my skin type gets dry easily and the winter is coming pretty soon. Although both products contains a whitening serum this product is also an anti-wrinkle.

The smell of this cream is very nice and elegant. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Late Update

Lately I've been really wanting to try those cute korean girl fringe. Something like this.

Obviously it looks super cute on her because she's cute and stuff. But yeah here's mine. I tried very hard to get mine to look like so but I think it turned out to be a fail sort of.

awe boo. Oh well I tried at least right LOL. But yeah, I've retouched my hair but it looks the same UGH I'm very disappointed in my hair stylist this time I think I'm going to go to another place. 
I really wanted something like this.

Oh, well if it didn't come out the way I wanted it. I was thinking of going back to one solid color again but I don't want to regret it if I didn't give my ombre another shot for the third time. LOL 
Well yeah that's my latest update so far.
I totally forgot to post this picture this gorgeous doll name Taryn ^_^ made for me. It was featured in one of her online magazines. 

Her magazine blog is still under construction so next time I'll post her blog here. ^_^ have a good day.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Update on me 2014

New Me 
I know it's been a while since I've updated my blog and I apologize about that. So here is my first blog update this year 2014. The last time I posted something was about my new hair color I believe. Before it was a burgundy red and now I finally ombre my hair. :D I'm super happy with the results my stylist did and here are a couple of pics I took recently.

The red is still showed even though she had dyed over it haha. But, its okay though I still love it. Overall I think my stylist did a great job and she didn't charge me as much as the others. Luckily I knew this stylist otherwise it would've been more pricey.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer 2013 Red Hair Days

Recently I dyed my strict asian hair to a Medium Intense Auburn from Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color (R2). My thought on red hair was going for a new look as well as change because I've always had brown hair and never really dyed it to any other color but ash brown or light brown. Well, here is my result. 

This photo was take after I finished dying it. Well, for about $7 it's a pretty good result I say. ^^ But, the hardest thing about bright hair color is keeping the red from fading. So, here is another photo a couple weeks later.

As you can see here the tips of my hair is starting to turn back to brown. I like to say my hair accidentally turned ombre. :P But, I still like how the red still hasn't faded yet. 

This is how the hair color looks like outside. Sorry for the messy hair it was quite breezy during the time. The brown ends are always the first part to fade the quickest   because in my opinion its the dead ends and it doesn't keep the color long compare to the mid and top of the hair.

Okay this pic is recent and only taken a couple days ago. Well, this is the final result after 2-3 months of hard work of taking care of the red from fading. Yes as you can see my brown ends are showing a lot. That's what happens when you don't retouch your hair after a while LOL. ^^ But, yeah here are my hair care tips for keeping the red color for so long. 

Hair Care Tips For Red Hair

1. After dying hair to a bright color (auburn) don't wash your hair for 2-3 days. Why? the chemicals of the dye is still in the process of dying your original hair color.
2. Use a special kind of shampoo & conditioner that is for dyed hair. This is to keep your hair color vibrant.
3. When washing your hair on the 3rd day use cold water on your hair. I know it sounds silly but the cold water is to prevent the vibrant color from fading. Try to prevent washing your hair in warm-hot temperature. 

4. Lastly, this is a choice use a hair mask to lock in the shine and color.

p.s. I have a new skincare routine for the warm summer break outs. :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Update on Gal Life

Sorry I haven't updated my blog for a long while. So, I today I was able to update on my blog due to laziness and tons of work. To start of the beginning of this updated post. I want to update my recent gyaru style ideas.

This dress is based on the Mori Girl Style. The dress size I originally purchased was a size small but when received it was a medium. It's okay though because when I tried it on the dress fit me perfectly. As for the hair style I chose was the cat ears because this dress is indeed very gal girly and I felt that the cat ears and curls would keep the entire look fairly feminine.


This next dress style is an inspired Old Vintage Lace up. This dress is fairly comfortable due to the double layers. The only negative thing about this dress is that it's a bit short and loose at the top but, can be fixed by wearing a high waist belt and a pair of black tights so your bottoms won't be peeking out at the bottom.

This Blue Floral Romper I purchased is also a Mori Gyaru Gal inspired product. The length of the romper is a bit short, that is the only down fall of this outfit. But, overall when worn the outfit is very DOLL like. Yes, doll like because of the ruffle layer detailing. Also, to keep this outfit girly I kept the cat ears and added a braided headband infront of the ears.